Is Small Business Website Marketing For Me?

The thought of small business website marketing, scares most small business owners. In particular, if they have an offline business, but have not yet got an Internet presence.  Small business website advice is at hand all over the Internet, but if you employ someone to do your small business website marketing for you then you might be making a mistake!

The reason is your full knowledge of your business! No one, but no one knows it as you do, so you are the best placed person to develop a new small business website.

There are really only two ways to do this, the first is to brief someone, who probably has absolutely no knowledge of your industry or your specialism. Sometimes this will work well if you reach a good working relationship quickly, but this is very time consuming and experience says that time is always scarce.

You will, of course have to inspect every bit of work they do to ensure it is in keeping with your thoughts on your small business. Again, time is of the essence.

Now let’s look at you for a moment, you have a business that you would like to expand, into a new area, the World Wide Web. You might be in the unfortunate position that your business has suffered a little in the recession, so you want to build some more sales and more importantly profits.

Let’s assume that you have been successful with your business in the past, which you should take as read as you have an up and running business, most people will never do that. The point being made is quite simply, you are successful because you have the ability to be successful.

Which brings us neatly to the point, you can do small business website marketing yourself. You have learnt so much about your business that it would be easy for you to build a website for your small business with the right tools.

You might decide that you don’t have the time to learn a new skill but you should set out the ground rules yourself. Do you have someone that works for you or in the family that would like to learn how to design a web site for you?

It’s understood that there is some learning to be done here on your part, but don’t be too concerned it’s not “rocket science”! Even if you decide to employ someone to do what you want by following some advice, you will achieve your goal. 

  1. You will need to think about your business to be able to decide in the first instance the correct course of action to follow (hints in brackets!):
  2. What you want to achieve (more sales, more exposure, more profits, more recognition etc)
  3. How you can accomplish it (website for online or offline sales, local, national or international sales)
  4. What you need to get across as the public face of your business (efficient, innovative, friendly, local, national operation, large small, good customer service, expensive, cheap, value for money etc etc.) 
  5. How you want to say it (in a friendly tone or from an expert viewpoint if the product is a bit technical or maybe medical, but do remember that your aim is to gain sales so don’t be offhand friendly but authoritative is the way forward) 
  6. Where you want to target (as above but suggest that you start with a localized plan and get used to the success and then expand carefully so at no time will you let your customers down!) 
  7. How you will manage it (if it is an online sales of a physical product how will you despatch it do you have the capability, another reason to start small) 
  8. Will you do it in house (you or someone else) or outsource it? 

So once you have a clear idea then write it down and start taking action.

Business Social Marketing – 5 Key Social Marketing Tips

Business social marketing is about building relationships with other like-minded individuals. There isn’t any magic secret that the gurus know that you don’t. It really is that simple.

The first success tip is to give worthwhile content. Make sure that the articles you’re linking to in your tweets and in the stuff you’re putting in your Facebook profile are all good quality content. Pre-read everything you send your followers and your friends to – it will save you headaches and unfollows in the future.

Try to tweet at the same time every day for the best results. Ideally it should be early afternoon or late evening seeing as though those are the times that people are most social.

Be transparent in your profile. Make sure you post pictures of your family, videos of your dog, stuff that you do professionally, and things that will help people build a relationship with you. I’ve often found that the material people react best to is personal in nature. It might be something from my past that I shared with them, a story of how I learned something, or stuff that I’m working on.

In fact one of the best ways to get people excited about what you’re doing, is to let them help. This is kind of the beta aspect of business. If you let other people in to see what you’re doing even though it’s not polished, it will still have a positive effect on that them.

Fourthly, don’t pay attention to numbers at first. Unfortunately, Google Analytics isn’t going to tell you what kind of results you’re getting from your business social marketing.  That data will come in time but it isn’t immediate (unless of course you’ve hit the front page of and you’re worried about your server staying functional!)

Lastly stay consistent. Building your business through social media is about brand recognition. It’s about choosing something and sticking with it. In fact, it’s a bit like college.  You commit to a four year education so you can come out the other side with a degree.

Social media is kind of the same way. Your goal is to get new clients, land new prospects, and make more money – you just need to put in the time required.

Use an Expert in Your Business Blog Marketing

There is a common mistake that some internet marketers commit whenever they set up a business blog. And this is that they hire outside bloggers to maintain and write for that blog. Any effective business blog marketing strategy always requires the input of an expert. By expert it can mean a number of things. He can be an employee of the company who is putting up the business blog, or a member of the top management, perhaps a professional or expert in the field or of the niche being covered by the blog.

The point of the matter is, only a person who has either inside knowledge or the sizable experience can generate truly informative blog posts that readers can appreciate. And when blog readers like a certain post, they tend to spread it resulting to the original creator of that post to gain more exposure and even more important, better reputation.

Another thing that an expert can bring to a business blog marketing is the clout that he has or basically his own reputation. People will believe whatever an expert is saying or writing about more than the common, run of the mill blogger who just rehash his blog posts and try pass them out as professionally written content. An expert, especially if he is already popular, only needs to speak a few words and the rest of the audience will surely listen intently. In this regards, try to make use of an expert whenever you start a business or a company blog.